[New Magic Item] Horn of the Minotaur Lord

Horn of the Minotaur Lord

Valance pointed at the man holding the strange horn but before he could warn the others the horn was blown. The priest of the Spider God and his companions suddenly began acting strangely and lost focus on their newest opponent, all save the Scholar of Wexos who somehow had retained his wits. As the illusionist began a spell the odd man looked frustrated and began to blow on the horn.

Suddenly a great bellowing could be heard and the Scholar of Wexos, still unaffected by the strange magical horn grabbed at his friends, either steering those who babbled or struggling with those who tried to fight him. A great minotaur loomed into view and began swinging a longsword at the possessor of the great horn. The monster bellowed and the man dropped the horn, the unrelenting monster rushed the man and skewered him with its wicked longsword.

Moments later a stunned Chalk regained his wits.

What happened just then?” the wizard asked aloud.

Well, for once one of our problems solved itself,” the illusionist replied.

Cleft from the head of the Minotaur Lord Drax-Mur by the gnome demigod Crixi and enchanted by the sorcerer Molko, the Horn of the Minotaur Lord is an impressive artifact from antiquity. Roughly four feet long and bound on each in end gold, this magic item is rather difficult to conceal, although some foes have turned an ran just seeing the horn after hearing of its dreadful power.

Benefit: Twice per day the Horn of the Minotaur Lord can be used to issue a mighty bellow, all within 120′ of the wielder of the magic item must make a save versus spell-like devices at -2 or be Confused as per the Magic-User spell as if cast by a 5th level wizard. However, there is a 15% chance each time that the horn is used that a minotaur with 6+4 HD and a +3 bonus to weapon damage rolls will be summoned. This minotaur champion is immune to the effects of the horn and will try to reclaim it to take it to the minotaur temple in Asderami.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Horn of the Minotaur Lord

  1. David says:

    As I’m in the middle of Thunderspire, I can really appreciate a minotaur themed magic item… I may have to make this a 4e item…

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