[New Magic Item] Wine of the Moon

Wine of the Moon

Valance raised his head sleepily from his room in the dingy inn. Slowly he rose and went into the common room on the upper floor.

Was that amazing wine or what?” a groggy Chalk asked.

It was something else, if we find another bottle of that wine or three we should travel together next time,” the priest of the Spider God answered.

Koram burst from his room.

That was great!” the fighter said exuberantly. “Although the not fighting anything part was a bit frustrating. Nothing and nobody saw me as I wandered around.”

Well, and everything looked a little blurry,” Chalk added.

Before the potent ales of the dwarfs and halflings the elves made potent wines, the most potent of which is known as the Wine of the Moon, which, unlike the spirits made by other races, never goes bad but stays delicious and powerful as it ages in the bottle. The fact that it is enchanted gives even more reason to seek out a bottle or two of this extremely rare wine.

Benefit: Made only during certain phases of the moon in a ritual held secret by the elves who know how to make it, the Wine of the Moon is a delicious and satisfying wine that makes the drinker happy and content the more they drink. After drinking a half a bottle or so the imbiber must make a save versus spells roll at -1 or succumb to the wine and fall into a deep sleep for 1d4 hours (which is the same amount of time that those who do not drop to slumber from the wine experience its other effects). Even those who make their saving throw will eventually rest, dozing off into slumber. When asleep the drinker of Wine of the Moon will have vivid dreams in which he or she travels to faraway places and if two or more people drink this enchanted wine and fall asleep they can visit the same places. This is a form of Astral travel that allows one to travel unhindered about the Material Plane, although one cannot interact with non-Astral entities, only see them as if through a dream. Creatures that live on the Astral Plane, such as the Astral Raiders can and will interact with those dreaming on the Wine of the Moon, usually not in a good way, either. Every two hours spent wandering around there is a 35% chance that a group of 1d4 Astral Raiders or other Astral Plane dwellers or travelers in astral form will notice those under the effects of the Wine of the Moon and investigate.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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5 Responses to [New Magic Item] Wine of the Moon

  1. David says:

    I like this! I can easily see a band of adventurers stumbling across a cache of bottles, making merry, and having a VERY interesting time of it!

  2. Christian says:

    Good stuff. I think I will have a bottle of this appear in the elven quarter of the Freecity of Haldane. Eeeee!

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  4. trey says:

    Cool. It’s the sort of psychedelic magic item I dig. 🙂

    • bat says:

      I am not always sure what inspires me sometimes but a few abstract thoughts floating around in my head. Thank you for the comment, Trey!

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