[New Magic Item] Standard of the Forgotten King

Standard of the Forgotten King

The elf Falwin knocked on the oak door. The sounds of a bolt sliding into place on the other side could be heard. The elf looked at his dwarf companions as he gently clawed the door.

It looks like they forgot about their debt to Gnoli,” he said.

One of the dwarfs laughed, the other grasped a strange staff with a large boot on one end and slammed it against the door. It began to splinter.

Easy now!” came a voice from within.

The dwarfs and the elf laughed.

Time has come to pay Gnoli,” one of the dwarfs said.

Falwin casually adjusted his spear and gripped his odd shaped shield tightly.

A heated discussion could not quite be heard from within.

The door creaked open and Chalk appeared.

Where is the priest of the Spider God?” one of the dwarfs asked.

Drunk off of the venom of one of his spiders,” the wizard replied. “How much does he owe?”

Three hundred silver pieces,” Falwin replied.

Chalk gasped and went back inside. Again the conversation could not quite be heard. Chalk returned and handed over several gold and silver pieces.

And who is paying for that door?” Chalk asked.

The elf raised an eyebrow and leaned forward, looking Chalk in the eye.

Who do you think?” the elf asked.

We are,” mumbled Chalk.

The elf and the dwarfs laughed as they strolled off happily.

In an epic time the dwarf king Dursk slew the giant Mezgapi at the Battle of Nonsuches. The sorcerer Zarbi took one of the boots from the wicked fire giant and made a sort of trophy for the dwarf lord by affixing the boot to an enchanted oak staff and creating the Staff of King Dursk. As the decades passed and wars waxed and waned this battle trophy was won and lost many times, the name of King Dursk being forgotten and the magical standard is now known as the Standard of the Forgotten King.

Benefit: This magical standard can be used to open doors as a battering ram (dealing 2d6 damage to doors/walls) or as a means of getting the attention of those around by “stomping” the boot onto the ground, which will cause a minor tremor that does no real damage but will alert everyone in a 150′ radius of the presence of the bearer of the magic item.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Standard of the Forgotten King

  1. trey says:

    Imaging the standard in use makes me chuckle.

    • bat says:

      This post just sort of floundered onto me, thinking of a dwarf holding a staff with a giant’s boot on one end, I had to work it into a post somehow.

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