[New Magic Item] Writ of Eviction

Writ of Eviction

Chalk yelled at the others and pointed in amazement as they gathered just outside of the small town. Hundreds of gnomes were running from the town while a few elves, dwarfs and humans laughed. The gnomes all looked irritated or angered.

What’s happening?” Chalk asked one of the gnomes as it ran by.

The gnome paused to kick the wizard in the shin before resuming his pace.

This is unbelievable!” exclaimed Valance.

The adventurers cautiously approached the small town.

Why did those gnomes all leave in sucha hurry?” Koram asked an elf that was watching the little folk run with an amused look on his face.

The elf looked over his shoulder and pointed at a piece of parchment that was nailed to a post.

How cruel! Evicting all of those poor little gnomes!” Knat the druidess snapped.

A dwarf chuckling nearby paused and looked a bit irritated at Knat’s words.

We do this every year by lot. And last year we proud dwarfs were sent running! And that was two years in a row!” the dwarf said.

Besides,” the elf added. “In a week we will take that notice down and all of those little gnomes can come back to their homes! None of us own our residences here, it is our custom.

First used as an elaborate way of evicting wizards from their homes in the city of Nalaj, knowledge of how to make these magical writs has spread and is now a common way in some places (although still novel in others) of causing someone to leave an area.

Benefit: A Writ of Eviction is a parchment with, among questionable legalese, three important components; a name for the person causing the eviction, the person in question being kicked out and the address of the residence. Anyone trying to resist this compulsion to leave who does not actually own the property/land (landowners are immune to this magic) must make a save versus spell-like devices at -2. Villains, tricksters and jokers find as much use out of these magic items as legitimate users of these arcane writs.

Usable by: Anyone who can write.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Writ of Eviction

  1. Christian says:

    Sometimes my neighbors play really loud music. Can I borrow that writ of yours?

    • bat says:

      Right after I use it to evict my neighbors; Crazy Old Man and Meth-Head Single Mom Who Yells A Lot.

      • trey says:

        Maybe you could get those two together? 😉

      • bat says:

        Oh, the old guy is willing and lecherous landlord was over visiting with Loud Mouth Meth Woman this morning. I am sure that the discussion was proper and would have fit nicely into any Jane Austen novel.

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