[New Spell] Body of Water

Body of Water

Knat swung her staff at the other druid savagely, but right before she could connect her opponent became a watery, fluid version of themselves and the weapon passed right through the body.

I really need to learn that spell,” she hissed.

Not from me you won’t,” replied the liquid druid.

Are those thunderclouds in the sky?” Knat asked with an evil smile.

Her opponent immediately began to retreat, become a puddle of water that flowed over the grass.

Knat called a bolt of lightning down.


Body of Water (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Self

Duration: Three rounds per level of druid.

When a druid casts this spell upon themselves they convert their bodies and all objects worn or carried into a watery humanoid shape. All physical attacks while in this form are 1d6+2 and the druid can still cast spells. Any physical attacks made against the druid are done normally and the resulting damage means that the water of the druid’s body is scattered about, taking one round per six hit points to reform, if the druid is reduced to zero hit points in this form they are knocked unconscious and become nothing but a collection of small, inert puddles of water until the spell elapses (in which case the druid looks like a bloody mess of themselves) or is healed and given time to reform. In addition, this watery form can become any shape that the druid wishes and may become a puddle and seep under doors, drains, etc. Note however that the druid, while under the effects of this spell, is highly susceptible to lightning attacks (any electrical strikes cause and additional 1d8 damage) and that the watery shape, while as fluid as the druid wishes, may be contained in a vessel such as a jug (which could give little room for the druid to do anything but slosh about) and the druid should have some sort of escape plan if that happens. 

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Body of Water

  1. Christian says:

    Ha! Owned by lighting. Well done!

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