[New Spell] Wisdom of the Folk

Wisdom of the Folk

Another wormy apple!” lamented Valance as he eyed the worm.

Hey, I found another silver piece!” Koram said aloud as he stooped to retrieve the shiny coin.

Have you two been down at the talespinner’s again by any chance?” Chalk asked.

All I can say is that one of us knows not to throw a hat on a gnome and the other doesn’t!” Koram replied with a smile.


Wisdom of the Folk (Magic-User)

Level 1

Range: 20′

Duration: Special see below.

It is common all the world over for people to look to sages and wisemen (and wisewomen) for tidbits of advice, those arcane practitioners among the wise can sometimes make these into fables, cautionary tales and other bits of folk wisdom that will grant a bit of luck (or unluck) to listeners. And then sometimes tricksters do this just for fun, just to see how far their strange phrase or tale spreads among the populace. Advice like “Never throw a hat on a gnome!” or “Pull on a dwarf’s beard three times before a long journey!” are just a couple of examples of this sort of folk wisdom and may be spun into fables and great yarns or tossed casually as an aside when a particular topic comes up in conversation (almost always carefully orchestrated of course). These snippets gain a sort of life of their own and usually are transmitted to at least 35% of the populace of any small town or city and have a 10% chance of traveling from there to another community where this process starts over until the tidbit of wisdom runs its course. Anyone listening to such magic will gain a +1/-1 to all rolls pertaining to such advice for three days (which often encourages repetition of the information) and usually those who receive a -1 to all rolls will also have something go wrong for them, stepping into a bucket of water, getting wormy apples for a day, etc while those who get a +1 will typically have something go well for them, such as finding a hidden stash of silver pieces or a small bauble that may continue their lucky streak. Those who do not heed the advice or scoff and do the opposite receive no particular reward or punishment at all.

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One Response to [New Spell] Wisdom of the Folk

  1. trey says:

    It’s the sort of spell they may be low on utility for PCs but great as part of a world and adventure fodder.

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