[New Spell] Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Valance winced as he watched the barroom brawl that had exploded only moments before.

This sanctuary won’t last forever, so prepare for this as best you can,” Chalk told the others as he stood from the table.

I need to finish my beer first!” Koram said.

Not draw your sword and steel yourself for combat while we prepare spells and Nysser knocks an arrow to his bow?” Knat asked.

This is excellent beer!” the fighter replied. “I paid good money for it!”


Eye of the Storm (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 20′ radius

Duration: Two rounds per level of magic-user.

If cast before combat breaks out this spell creates an area 20′ in diameter that deters combatants from entering for two rounds per level of the casting wizard. This magic causes nearby combatants to ignore this zone and those within it as long as they themselves do not engage in combat and this magically protected area does not move through combat with the wizard, but is stationary, if the wizard leaves this zone before the spell is up he or she cancels the wizardry early. There is still a 15% chance that a stray thrown dagger, arrow, crossbow bolt or bottle could randomly hit someone protected by the spell, but this does not encourage further combat until the spell elapses. 

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