[New Spell] Call to Allies

Call to Allies

The ogre-thugs noticed Stork picking his way through their disorganized camp and several wailed in anger as they drew their weapons. The wily sorcerer, assuming that this would happen, cast a quick spell.

As the ogres advanced Stork cast a few minor spells to dazzle the hulking humanoids before his companions could arrive.

Vistis the Blue Mage crept from the shadows as did Nonki the Dread Dwarf, moments later a third figure joined them, a slim elf bearing two short swords that he twirled in his hands randomly, as if thirsty for battle.

Just five of them?” the elf asked with a smirk. “You couldn’t handle them alone?”

Stork struggled to reply as an ogre gripped his throat.

Very well then,” the elf said and ran into the fray.

Not before me!” yelled Nonki as he drew his heavy two handed mace.


Call to Allies (Magic-User)

Level 2

Range: 50′ per level of caster

Duration: Instantaneous

Wizards often utilize this spell to send for help to up to six companions, but the spell may also be used to notify these allies of some event that has taken place if all know what to expect. When cast Call to Allies sends a mental alert to these companions along with the general direction of the magic-user. This spell does not need to be line of sight but those notified must be on the same plane.

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