[New Magic Item] Bone Arrows of the Necromancer Lord

Bone Arrows of the Necromancer Lord

The undead raiders struck without warning, dousing the campfire and turning the adventurer’s camp into chaos.

The Scholar of Wexos cast a spell that illuminated the enemy. Several skeletons could be seen glowing a weird electric purple. Koram started swinging his Crystal Sword while Nysser drew his elven ax.

A robed and hooded skeletal archer appeared with a limping wizard. Thus undead archer drew back his bow and let his strange arrow fly. Nysser screamed out amidst the fray as he was struck in the thigh.

Not that one!” the wizard shrieked.

Nysser began howling as his flesh melted away, revealing the bones beneath. Bones that still stood. Suddenly the bones began to alter their appearance, taking on a sinister effect.

The limping sorcerer shrieked and turned to run, clutching at the sleeve of his undead champion.

They had a devil amongst them!” this rival wizard screamed in horror.

Koram cut down the last of the glowing purple skeletons.

What did he mean when he said, ‘Not that one!’?” the fighter asked nobody in particular.

Nysser’s skeletal form kept changing shape into different humanoid and animal forms.

At least I can style change my shape, albeit still skeletal in nature,” the changeling rasped.

Created from the bones of powerful lich kings, the Bone Arrows of the Necromancer Lord are feared and thankfully quite rare magic items. Necromancers creating these dread arrows are careful to collect just enough grave dust to sprinkle on these arcane items that are coveted by assassins and overlords. Regardless of the archer firing this magic item each arrow is attuned to a particular necromancer or Chaotic wizard (unless that magic-user has died) who may or may not try to command those unfortunate enough to be struck by a Bone Arrow.

Benefit: Any living person or creature with bones or an exoskeleton (those with neither merely take 1d8 points of damage) struck by a Bone Arrow takes 1d8 points of damage and must make a saving throw versus spell like devices at -1 or be turned into a skeletal version of themselves that retains all statistics but advances at half the rate until the transformation is reversed. If the wizard attuned to the Bone Arrow is within 40′ of the afflicted he or she may try to command the skeletal thrall who can try to resist these orders by rolling above the magic-user’s Wisdom at -2. A Wish, Limited Wish or Resurrection spell will return those afflicted by these magic arrows to their normal fleshy selves.

Usable by: Usually archers with a bit of a Chaotic nature to them.

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