[New Magic Item] Candlestaff


The old gnome dungeon delver sat on a rock near an ominous set of stairs that descended into the earth, a curious staff laid across his lap.

“Hail Stonebones!” shouted one of three approaching dwarfs.

Leaping to his feet, the gnome drew a strange looking dagger then put it away as he recognized the dwarf adventurers.

“Are you rascals ready?” Stonebones asked the trio.

“Certainly!” another of the dwarfs replied.

“Then let us descend without haste!” the gnome said as he lit the candle on the end of his staff and the quartet slipped quietly down underground.

“Won’t that staff reveal us? We can see in the dark,” one of the dwarfs asked.

“When the dead attack you will be glad that we have this candlestaff with us!” grumbled the gnome.

Without warning a half a dozen skeletons ran at the adventurers as if on cue, silently screaming as they swung their rusty weapons at the three dwarfs and the gnome.

Crafted by a grateful sorcerer for a community of gnomes who saved the wizard from an almost certain demise involving a troll and a pair of orc thugs, these magic items are indeed rare. A thick candle sits atop a short, stout oaken staff. The candle never seems to be more than one-quarter melted, no matter how long it is lit.

Benefit: Candlestaffs burn as brightly as torches and the candle, so long as it is affixed to the staff, does not burn down very far. Strong breezes or gusts of wind will not put out the flame of a candlestaff, although immersion in water will. All undead under 3HD attempting to attack anyone within the glow of a candlestaff (roughly 35′ in diameter) are -1 to hit in combat.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Candlestaff

  1. I swear that I thought that this item was a staff made of wax (hmmm… ideas). I really like the low-level combination of abilities. Definitely useful, unique, but not overpowered.

    • bat says:

      Haha, thanks! Now you could have a wax staff, but you would need to keep it from getting too hot, well and it would be quite brittle. Thanks again for the comment!

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