[New Spell] Burstwall


Thirty constables turned to face Chalk and his half a dozen companions. Neither side was budging. The captain of the guard was getting antsy.

Do you surrender to the constabulary of Cobble?” the captain asked.

For what?” Chalk asked defiantly.

Crimes perpetrated against the honorable sorcerer Stork,” the leader of the guardsmen replied.

The adventurers chuckled.

That’s it! Men, take them in!” shouted the captain of the guard as he raised his truncheon.

Chalk looked from side to side and smiled.

The wizard tapped the wall behind him and it exploded into howling winds and driving rain. The town’s militia were held back, many falling to the ground, screaming and flailing.

Let’s get out of here while they pick themselves up. They should have brought a wizard with them,” Chalk said, shaking his head.


Burstwall (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 100′

Duration: Two rounds per level of wizard

This wizard’s spell affects an already existing wall with a delayed burst triggered by the casting mage. When Burstwall is activated the enchanted wall produces gale force winds up to 75 miles per hour and a torrent of rain that appears to the caster and his or her companions as a strong breeze. Any Medium sized creatures running into the wind must make a Dexterity roll with a modifier of -1 to stay upright (-2 for Small creatures and with no modifier for Large or bigger sized creatures) and are -2 to strike in combat due to the strong winds and rain. Affects up to 200 square feet of wall surface.

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