[New Spell] Alter Allegiance

Alter Allegiance

Are those pets or what?” Chalk asked the sorcerer Zotho as he nodded at a small band of grubby goblins.

Those are my loyal retainers!” snorted the mage.

Goblins? Don’t they like to eat people whenever they get the chance?” Chalk inquired.

Not these goblins. They are mine! These lads will never turn on me,” Zotho replied.

Koram appeared, a few minutes late for the meeting.

Goblins!” the fighter shouted, drawing his Crystal Sword as soon as he laid eyes upon the band of wretches.

Chalk put his hands in the air and called off the attack.

These are trained goblins, or something like that,” he told Koram. “Where is Valance by the way?”

Valance strolled into the small shady garden area moments later.

Goblins!” hissed the priest of the Spider God.

Koram and Chalk calmed the cleric down.

Does this happen a lot?” Chalk asked Zotho.

More often than I would like,” the sorcerer admitted.


Alter Allegiance (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 10′ per level of wizard.

Duration: One turn per level of wizard (see below)

When cast upon foes of less than 2HD, Alter Allegiance causes all targets to make a saving throw versus spells at -1 or suddenly reconsider doing any harm to the caster. While the spell has a duration of one turn per level of wizard as the magic lapses all subjects under the effect of the spell must make another saving throw against spells (this time with no modifier). Those who fail this second save are permanently under the effect of the spell in relation to the caster. A great way to amass a lot of low level henchmen.

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