[New Spell] Arcane Attractor

Arcane Attractor

The sinister wizard Stork observed the petty mage Xylos as the latter attempted to slip quietly back into the town of Bottle in the small hours.

Showing your face here again?” asked the gaunt wizard Stork.

Xylos stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the shark-toothed wizard. Stork had a bad reputation as a vile sorcerer of the worst rank.

I remembered a bit of unfinished business,” Xylos replied, trying to appear calm and casual.

Stork began mumbling a spell, as did Xylos. A bolt of lightning shot at Xylos but at the last moment was diverted to a crackling ball of blue energy that hovered next to the wizard. A few moments later a half a dozen white mice scurried and squeaked after they dropped to the ground from under the sizzling ball of magic.

Stork looked puzzled for a moment.

I always considered you merely a hedge-wizard,” he said to the other.

As of late I have been practicing,” Xylos replied dryly.

No matter, I will feast on your liver one way or another,” Stork hissed.

A duel of wizardry ensued.


Arcane Attractor (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 20′ + 5 ‘ per level of wizard.

Duration: Two rounds per level of magic-user.

The Arcane Attractor spell creates a ball of cracking energy that will absorb the effects of incoming spells and render them harmless (often somehow converting these spell effects into living things like white mice or rabbits). A wizard who is aware of this spell being cast must make a roll against the opposing magic-user’s Intelligence attribute, rolling above it on a d20 and adding any intelligence modifiers to the result, success means that the spell has made it past the Arcane Attractor and behaves as normal. Even area of effect spells are absorbed by the Arcane Attractor, the crackling ball finding the center of the spell and absorbing the effects from there.

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