[New Magic Item] Necromantic Chariot of the Bonefields

Necromantic Chariot of the Bonefields

Chalk and the others looked on in horror as the creepy floating chariot of bone silently slid into view. A squad of impromptu militia, mostly peasants or old soldiers, rushed out to attack. The sinister wizard at the helm laughed and slowed down the low flying nightmare. Dark oily smoke roared from the humungous horned skull and to a man the townspeople fell, their bodies crumpled below the flying chariot that drove slowly over the top of the fallen and stopped for a moment. Those victims, those who had just dropped before the necromancer’s chariot now rose behind it, hideous mockeries of their former selves, zombies.

“What do we do against that?” Valance asked.

“I am not sure yet,” Chalk said as he paused to think.

“I say we run and warn the next village that a zombie army is coming, lead by a crazy wizard,” Koram offered.

The necromancer stood up and cast a spell that began burning several more of the freedom fighters, laughing all the time.

“Okay, maybe Koram has a good idea,” Chalk replied. “Let’s saddle up!”

A product of dark magic and sinister intentions, the Necromantic Chariot of the Bonefields is a horrific floating throne/chariot comprised of hundreds of bones that is commanded by a wizard, usually of a Chaotic nature. Hovering around one yard/meter off of the ground, this hideous means of locomotion has a titanic demon’s skull that continually has strange bubbling smoke boiling out of its agape mouth. When seen on the battlefield most people and monsters run.

Benefit: This eerie bone chariot can move silently (surprise on a 1 on a 1d6) up to 120′ (40′), skimming above land or water effortlessly. But to use its horrible magical effect this arcane chariot must be moving much slower 30′ (10′). At this reduced speed the Necromantic Chariot can “breathe” noxious smoke from the demonic skull in a cone 10′ wide by 40′ long (this always dissipates before blowing back onto the chariot and its occupants, no matter how strong of a wind is in the area. All who are caught in this cone of unlife must make a save versus Death or fall on the spot, only to rise moments later as a zombie in the service of the wizard driving the Necromantic Chariot. This effect is reversible by a Wish or Limited Wish spell. The Necromantic Chariot seats a driver and two riders and has 6HD.

Useable by: Magic-users, usually Chaotic ones at that.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Necromantic Chariot of the Bonefields

  1. trey says:

    I could totally see Skeletor riding in this baby–and that’s a good thing. 🙂

    • bat says:

      Thank you, Trey! I can imagine the Big Skeleton Guy chasing He-Man or most anybody in this thing. I can see a story branching off from its use: trying to get a Wish or Limited Wish spell cast upon a zombified loved one.

  2. Needles says:

    Wait a New York minute, is this another fine product of those ghoul craftsmen? Awwesome in a very disturbed way!

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