[New Spell] Flavor of the Weak

Flavor of the Weak

Delicious seed-cakes!” Chalk roared happily. “I could eat ten more!”

I could eat twenty more these are so good!” boasted Koram as he finished another of the delicious cakes.

Valance raised an eyebrow. The food was fine, but nothing that special.

And will we be donating to Auntie Marga’s seed-cake fund?” cackled the crone as she brought out a glass jug with a few copper coins inside it.

I’ve got gold!” Chalk said and fished for his coin pouch.

I’m summoning some spiders, something is wrong!” mumbled Valance under his breath.


Flavor of the Weak (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One turn per level of illusionist.

Crafty illusionists cast this spell upon edibles to sway a crowd. Enchanted consumables appear delicious and savory. Regardless of how much food is eaten, once a bite is consumed the target must make a saving throw versus spells at -1. All who fail temporarily lose four points of Wisdom and are -1 on all saves that relate to illusions or deception/perception of any kind and are fairly easily lead into most any predicament. After the duration of the spell has expired the target’s Wisdom is restored and they may go about their business normally. This spell is very popular among wisewomen and witches in rural areas.

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