[New Spell] I, Ooze

I, Ooze

The sorcerer Stork burst into the dingy room at the Howling Hydra Inn.

They are on to us, the constables!” he told Vistis the Blue Mage. “We need to go, they are bringing wizards with them.”

How much time do we have?” asked the illusionist.

A few minutes, much less than an hour,” Stork replied.

Vistis sighed behind his thick lacquered mask as both spellcasters heard a commotion downstairs.

Meet me at the Spire of Anguish,” the illusionist told the wizard.

Stork nodded and suddenly became a sharp-eyed hawk that flew through the open window. The twang of several crossbow bolts told Vistis that the constables had anticipated such an escape by the mages and prepared accordingly. The hawk cried out as it was nicked by a lucky bolt, but it got passed the bolts, nets and spells of the authorities.

Vistis the Blue Mage strolled over to the fireplace and transformed into a puddle of thick clear pudding. Slowly he crept up the chimney and slipped passed the constables that were cheering on their companions that were shooting at the escaping hawk.


I, Ooze (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: Self or touch

Duration: One turn per level of illusionist.

This illusionist spell allows the caster or a willing subject to be able to transform into a puddle of ooze that is mostly transparent (65% undetectable in normal daylight). The transformed person moves at a rate of 120′(40′), can slip under doors and into other areas that have an opening at least two inches in diameter. Those in ooze form are aware of their surroundings and never surprised, attacking with pseudopods (one per seventy-five pounds of weight) for 1d6 points of damage. This spell will not work on those who do not wish to be transformed. There is a 3% chance that this spell may become permanent, only reversed by a Remove Curse spell. Blunt weapons and electrical attacks do half damage to one in ooze form, although fire and freezing do double damage.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] I, Ooze

  1. tsojcanth says:

    I’m always really impressed by what you put out daily.
    Did you consider releasing a PDF collecting your work?

    • bat says:

      Thank you much for the kind words! I do plan on collecting these posts and I do have a stopping point, which will allow me to get everything organized a little better. (I hope.)

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