[New Spell] Signature of My God

Signature of My God

Valance spat on the ground before Jervin Sneed, priest of the insect god Locustus.

Save your breath, spider-coddler,” Sneed snapped.

Closing his eyes Valance muttered to Chalk, telling the wizard to seek shelter from the duel of clerics.

Moments later a howl was heard and a groan. Valance appeared, electric blue crickets were leaping about his face.

You lost?” Chalk asked concerned.

Nah, I can handle these in a little while, but those hallucinogenic spiders that bit Sneed will have him out of it for hours,” Valance replied with an evil grin punctuated by the sudden appearance of several neon green spiders that crept from Valance’s sleeve.

You want to try it? It isn’t so bad,” the priest of the Spider God asked Chalk.

The wizard stepped backwards, a bit nervous about the whole situation.

Signature of My God (Divine)

Level 3

Range: Self or touch

Duration: As long as desired on self, until Remove Curse is cast or the casting cleric dispels the spell on others.

Priests and priestesses find this spell useful in both marking themselves for particular rituals or as “spiritual graffiti” when casting this spell on others. Signature of My God causes symbols of the patron deity of the caster to manifest either around themselves, a willing target or an unwilling target that fails a saving throw versus spells at -1. This spell can take the form of altering all of the current symbols and decorations that the subject of the spell possesses to take on aspects of the deity in question to small images that somehow reflect the nature or personality of the deity to march about the target of the spell endlessly. While quite devastating to rival clerics the deities actually consider the spell somewhat humorous and don’t mind seeing their devout sweat a little wondering if divine retribution will strike at any time.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Signature of My God

  1. David says:

    The gods of your game world as sadistic SOBs. And from a DMs perspective SO MUCH FUN!

    • bat says:

      Actually, I have to blame Jeff Rients for these Divine spells as he was ranting about cleric spells being a bit too close to Christianity the other day. I try to make a lot of my things more generic/gonzo and his post inspired me to toss a few new Divine spells out there.

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