[New Monster] Nubizo


A thick fog came in from nowhere as Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage rowed their small dinghy out towards the tiny island just off of the coast near Bottle.

“Strange fog for this time of year,” Vistis commented idly.

Stork drew a magical dagger and peered over the edge of the boat into the water. A pair of large yellow eyes stared back. Sitting up straight the sorcerer continued rowing.

“There is some hideous little monster under our boat,” Stork whispered to Vistis.

“It probably invited the trio of sharks that are trailing us,” the masked illusionist replied nonchalantly.

Stork turned to look over his shoulder and grimaced as he saw the fins as they broke the surface of the water every few moments. He looked over the side again and this time he could swear he saw a vile grin on that eerie face that peered back at him.


No. Enc.: 1(1d6)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 90′ (30′)

Swim: 150′ (50′)

Armor Class: 4

Hit Dice: 2+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6+2 (claw or bite)

Save: F5

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: XVII

X.P.: 85

Nubizo are strange creatures that haunt coastal areas, including large underground and land-locked lakes. The humanoids have dark rubbery slick skins and huge red or yellow eyes. Sharp teeth and talons round out these nasty aquatic monsters.

Many fisherman fear the nubizo as these monsters delight in overturning small boats and devouring the fishermen and their catch, dragging any treasure to their watery lairs. While solitary creatures, monsters like giant sharks will follow these creatures for miles to take any seafarers that the nubizo cannot eat by itself.

Twice per day nubizo can cast Phantasmal Force (Greater) and Fog Cloud as a 6th level illusionist. These monsters use this magic to distract and frighten potential victims.

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