[New Spell] Unnerving Stare

Unnerving Stare

Fourteen gold pieces and that is my final offer,” Stork told the young wizard in the magic shop. As if on cue a small explosion could be heard upstairs. Muffled screams could be heard. Something magical had gone awry.

The mage-clerk winced as he looked up at the stern sorcerer. Shark-like teeth and that horrible stare!

Yes, yes, very well,” the young man said and hand over the parchment. Stork counted out fourteen gold coins and grinned his most vile grin.

Pleasure doing business with you,” he said maniacally.

I’m sure,” muttered the young mage who stared down at the counter.

Outside the magic shop Stork laughed.

Fourteen gold coins! We should have just stolen this scroll!” he told a waiting Vistis the Blue Mage. “That spell of yours is ingenious!”


Unnerving Stare (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Self or touch

Duration: Two rounds per level of illusionist.

This odd yet simple spell makes it appear as if the illusionist or someone touched by the casting illusionist is staring intently. The person’s eyes are actually hidden behind this illusion and may blink, close, etc, but to those who fail a save versus spells at -1 the person is staring coldly and intently. This can be used to intimidate peasants, foes or monsters contemplating an attack. Anyone who believes the illusion will be at a disadvantage of -2 to hit in combat for the duration of the spell due to the disturbing, unblinking stare. When used to intimidate the caster has a +1 to all Charisma rolls while this spell is in effect. All social interaction gives the caster a +1 modifier advantage to any necessary rolls.

Option: This spell could be cast in a way that a touched adversary would intimidate his own friends/followers in a way that made them unsure of his/her sanity. In this case, all Charisma rolls would have a -2 modifier but all other aspects of the spell would remain intact.

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