[New Spell] Finding the Dreamers

Finding the Dreamers

We can sneak passed those bugbear guards, they are sound asleep” the Scholar of Wexos told Chalk confidently.

Are you certain?” whispered Valance. “I can conjure a few venomous spiders to bite them if need be.”

I hope that won’t be necessary,” Chalk told Valance. “Something always goes wrong when you do that.”

Valance grinned broadly.

Quickly and quietly should do it,” the Scholar of Wexos said as he indicated that the other two adventurers should follow him.

The trio of spellcasters carefully picked their way around the bugbears without the latter stirring.

I could see their sleeping selves,” the illusionist assured the others.

The spiders are always handy to fall back on though,” Valance said sagely as he retrieved two handfuls of eerie looking glowing purple spiders from within his sleeves.


Finding the Dreamers (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 30′ per level of illusionist

Duration: Two rounds.

This simple illusionist spell allows the caster to sense sleeping or dreaming creatures of at least Low intelligence by peering briefly into the Plane of Dreams. All dreamers will appear as ghostly sleeping figures that the illusionist can see glowing, even through thick stone walls and buildings. The illusionist will not be able to tell if a non-sleeping figure that they can see with their own eyes is comatose, dead or just pretending to rest. 

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