[New Spell] Calling the Hero

Calling the Hero

Chalk and the others rode into the town of Sprog unannounced. Most of the citizens were nowhere to be seen.

At the city center a man stood in gleaming armor before the crowd of adoring peasants. The crowd turned to regard the road-weary adventurers.

We heard you have a hydra that is approaching and for a few….” Chalk began but was cut off by the waving hand of the smiling man in the impeccable armor.

No need for your heroics, fair knaves,” the man said loudly. “I, Norcimi, will handle the hydra for these good people. Please, rest yourselves in the nearby inn while I handle this menace!”

Valance smirked, Koram’s face turned bright red, Chalk sighed, Knat looked skyward, the Scholar of Wexos seemed to be contemplating a spell and Nysser stared coldly into the eyes of the hero.


Calling the Hero (Divine)

Level 3

Range: Special

Duration: Until task is completed by summoned hero.

Calling the Hero is actually a ritual in which a priest or cleric must make preparations at the shrine of a particular hero (or heroine). This hero need not be of the same pantheon/religion of the summoner, but the shrine that he or she is summoned to must have been dedicated to that particular hero. The priest or cleric will see to it that any tributes required by the hero are made and that all requirements of the hero are met (some heroes expect certain things of the people, reflecting the pantheon/beliefs of the hero). This summoned figure will be at least 10th level and will have at a minimum three major magic items and four lesser magic items to assist him or her in their task. Once the hero has completed what has been asked of them they are free to go, often with further blessings and tribute from any nearby citizens. Heroes are generally called upon to fight impending doom for towns and villages such as marauding monsters, approaching armies, natural disasters and unnatural curses. A priest or cleric may only summon one hero at a time.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Calling the Hero

  1. trey says:

    This spell makes me hear Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero” in my head. It’s a good spell, despite that. 🙂

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