[New Encounter] Plague Peddlers of Lazkib

Plague Peddlers of Lazkib



Chalk was having a sneezing fit as a knock was heard at the door. Koram slipped out of his chair and wobbled over to open the door.

Who is it?” the wizard asked.

Someone from the town council. We need to pay ten gold pieces each for this plague to subside,” the fighter said.

Chalk scowled at Valance who was half unconscious due to the relaxing and highly intoxicating bites of the spiders he kept in his sleeves.

If only you could cure our diseases! Why, oh why did we ever stop in this little village!” lamented the wizard.

Koram closed the door after paying the councilman.

Apparently that would not have mattered,” Koram said as he struggled back to his chair. “There would just be more diseases unleashed until the fee was paid. This is the work of the Plague Peddlers.”

See!” murmured Valance. “It wouldn’t have mattered if I could cure our maladies!”

Chalk grumbled under his breath.





The constantly traveling Plague Peddlers are always on the lookout for a great place to unleash this disease or that sickness. The methods used often vary, from cleverly disguised virus jars to the release of a dozen plague hounds to merely sending the diseased into a given area. In the name of the great Plague Lords of Lazkib these peddlers have brought many a community to its knees, and then brought the cure, for a fee.

In the game: The Plague Peddlers of Lazkib can show up anywhere, at any time, although these miscreants usually do not announce there arrival before they have started up a good malady to inflict upon a populace, and then the Agents of Disease appear, a remedy in one hand and an outstretched palm in the other. The Plague Lords approve of this practice as long as a fair portion of the proceeds of this extortion goes to their shrines and temples. Diseases may be of any type; creeping buboes, disturbing rashes, screaming pustules, transforming plagues, etc, the sky is the limit. For plague hounds use the hell hound statistics but the breath weapon will be a stream of disease rather than flame breath.

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4 Responses to [New Encounter] Plague Peddlers of Lazkib

  1. It’s been a long time since you’ve done an encounter Bat, and this one is nicely nasty. Great stuff.

  2. jackth71 says:

    I wonder if the plague peddlers have interstellar capabilities? HHMMMmm
    Nice encounter but my players are going to hate me for this!

    • bat says:

      Thanks for the comment, jackth71! I suppose, with the right spell or bit of sporecery that these guys could show up just about anywhere.

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