[New Spell] Unknown Destination

Unknown Destination

Why are we here?” Chalk asked the others as he looked around blankly. The wizard did not recall making the journey to this strange, small island.

I am not sure,” valance answered, also quite bewildered.

I thought I caught a glimpse of Stork, but I don’t recall the rest,” a bewildered Koram offered.

A low guttural growl suddenly distracted everyone.

What was that?” Nysser asked.

A huge beast shambled into view, large and scaly and dangerous.

Now I know Stork was involved,” muttered Chalk as he began weaving a spell.

Unknown Destination  (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: 30′ +5′ per level of caster.

Duration: Special, see below

The Unknown Destination illusionist spell allows the caster to choose a destination that he or she has been to on the plane (most often within twenty miles or so, but not always) and whisper that location while the spell is cast. All intended targets within a 30′ radius (+5’per level of caster) that fail a save versus spells will immediately begin plotting the quickest course to reach this destination, leaving all other cares and worries behind. All creatures below 2HD are -2 to save against this spell while those with 3 or more HD may attempt save versus spells at -1. Clever illusionist often team up with thieves to maximize their profits after this spell has been cast.

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