[New Spell] Find Mentor

Find Mentor

The two young adventurers sat nervously in the tavern.

Which one is it?” one of the men asked the other.

That one, I think, the one with the other adventurers over in the corner,” the other replied.

The one with the spiders!” exclaimed the first young man.

No, the thin one sitting by the druidess,” the young mage answered. “I can tell that she is a druidess by her dress and manner.”

The first young man sighed.

Too bad she isn’t a sorceress, I wouldn’t mind being taught a few spells by her,” he said with a grin.

At least this wizard looks more approachable than that last one, the one with teeth like a shark!” replied the youthful wizard. “Shall we introduce ourselves?”

Find Mentor  (Arcane or Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Instantaneous

Somewhat a spell of desperation, the Call Mentor invocation allows the casting wizard to know the general location of the nearest spellcaster of the same or greater level, this is generally done to learn new spells and incantations from this mentor, but this spell does not reveal that magic-user’s alignment or allegiances, which can prove tricky in some situations, although a quick thinking wizard can usually strike a bargain with a fellow arcane spellcaster.

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