[New Magic Item] Marble Frog of Tifur

Marble Frog of Tifur

Koram kicked in the door of the shabby tavern, roaring in anger.

Where is Razak the Deceiver?” demanded the fighter.

The dimly lit tavern suddenly came alive as bodies shuffled about. Someone tried to scurry out the back.

Razak!” came a yell from the back. A rat-like man in tattered robes ran back into the common room, herded forward by Nysser.

What once might have looked like Chalk shambled into the room. This sad figure raised a misshapen hand and pointed at Razak.

Koram threw a handful of brass coins onto the ground.

They were gold, fix it,” growled the fighter.

No!” the once-Chalk pleaded, clutching at the rat-like illusionist’s robes. “Fix me first!”

Razak knew then that the only thing of value that he had he was about to lose. Slowly he reached into a pocket of his robes and retrieved a small frog of marble and began negotiating.

This small frog made of marble was made by a mischievous wizard ages ago and finds itself just about anywhere in the world. While only a minor magic item it has caused more than its fair share of mayhem over the years.

Benefit: Three words are inscribed on the belly of the Marble Frog in the speech of wizards. Whichever word is spoken aloud first will activate the magic of the item, useable three times per day.

Chagri” – The coins/monetary units held by everyone except the bearer of the marble frog within a 30′ radius transform to the lowest possible denomination, this effect is permanent. (i.e. silver and gold become copper in most circumstances)

Mizro”- Everyone in a 20′ radius of the holder of this magic item, except the bearer, becomes hideously deformed (-4 Charisma) for three days.

Ulda”- All opponents within 3o’ of the possessor of the marble frog suddenly find that their weapons are too large to wield (-2 to strike, but +2 damage) or too small to be effective (-3 damage). This effect is random and each weapon has a 50% chance of becoming too large or too small. Even magical weapons are effected. The effect lasts for 3d6 turns.

Usable by: Anyone who can read the language of magic.


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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Marble Frog of Tifur

  1. trey says:

    Cool. I like the three words and the three different powers.

    • bat says:

      Thanks a bunch, Trey. It was one of my “drawing a blank” posts. Those are the ones I sweat the most. minor magic items are usually handy from time to time.

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