[New Spell] Reign of the Second Sun

Reign of the Second Sun

How much time do we have?” Koram asked.

The sun should have gone down a couple of hours ago, but hasn’t, the spell that cleric cast worked,” Chalk replied. “So then we have as long as we can ride to escape the vampire lord.”

He wasn’t using that spell to help us, you know,” commented the Scholar of Wexos.

I know, but it is nice to think it,” Chalk said as he got his horse ready for a long ride.

A second sun burned brightly into the night, causing the vampire lord Nerresaz to seethe in his underground domain and curse the thieves that stole from him.

Reign of the Second Sun  (Divine)

Level 7

Range: Special (planetary)

Duration: One day or night.

This impressive clerical spell causes a second sun to rise over the world, causing two suns to rule the day or one at night, causing one twenty-four hour period of daylight. If two suns shine during the day all creatures with a negative modifier in sunlight suddenly have this number tripled (-1 becomes -3, etc) and if there is a twenty four hour period of sunlight all daylight affected undead (and other creatures forbidden to walk in the light of the sun) must remain in hiding and cannot come out that night.

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