[New Deity] Lananka, the Betrayer

Lananka- the Betrayer


The deep blue humanoid toad crept up to its hideous master.

They have escaped, my lord,” the thing reported.

They have!” roared the toad-like horror.

But Chalk and his companions will soon be within our grasp,” offered the indigo beast.

They had better be, or I might just turn you into a…..goblin,” sneered the great beast as it brandished a strange ebony staff. 


Lesser Deity

Lananka, The Betrayer
Alignment: Chaotic (Neutral)
Spheres of Influence: Betrayal, Senufio, Chaos

Symbol: A grinning toad-like face
Typical Worshipers: Senufio, traitors, assassins.

Hit Points (if you need them): 175

Lananka the Betrayer is most often encountered in his natural form, that of an enormous toad-like being. This deity of the senufio sends many of his charges all over the multiverse on a variety of errands, mostly involving assassinations, upheavals and revolutions.

The lesser deity loves to cause chaos and despair and often assists his most faithful in their grandest missions to ensure a maximum amount of mayhem has been caused. 

Abilities: Lananka can cast any eight Magic-User or Illusionist spells up to three times per day as a 13th level illusionist or wizard respectively, focusing on spells that confuse and bewilder the enemy. In addition, Lananka has a unique ability, known as Bondbreak. Anyone who fails a save versus magic at -2 will have an important tie in their lives broken and will not even realize it for some time for the most part. Someone important to the target of the spell will simply treat this person as if they had never known of their existence. The Betrayer fights as a 14th level Fighter, bearing a staff that deals 2d10+4 damage and can Polymorph Other (-2 to saving throw) upon a successful strike.


Awe: Lananka is a hideous creature to behold and all who oppose the Betrayer are -2 to strike this deity in combat.


Honor Guard: Lananka usually has an entourage of senufio with him at all times, with no less than ten Scarlet Marauders and six Indigo Invaders at his side.

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