[New Spell] Wall of Regression

Wall of Regression

Captain Jard motioned for his troopers to move forward. The intergalactic mercenaries had encountered many strange creatures on this backwards planet and were now approaching a human settlement. Jard raised his hands to the villagers, signaling that he bore no weapon. A bearded old man approached. Jard turned on his universal translator.
What brings you to our land, strangers?” the old man asked.
Just a scouting mission,” replied Jard. The captain kept to himself that the space travelers were scouting for gold and other precious metals.
The old man thought for a moment and waved his hands in the air innocently. A strange green mist enveloped the travelers from the stars, who screamed as their weapons transformed into swords, bows and daggers.
What are you doing?” screamed Captain Jard.
Evening the playing field,” the old wizard replied with a grin.

Wall of Regression (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: This wall moves 30′ per level of magic-user.

Duration: Spell lasts four turns, effects are permanent.

This spell creates a strange mist-like wall that takes up 1000 square feet of space and crawls forward towards its target. Anyone wearing advanced technological equipment that the wall touches receives a saving throw versus spells and spell-like devices at -2 (enchanted high tech devices receive a standard saving throw). Those who fail this saving throw find that ALL of their weapons and armor (but not non-battle gear, which is unaffected) was retrograded back to an earlier time. Laser rifles become longswords, blaster pistols turn into daggers, advanced armor becomes worked leather or metal. Projectiles shot through this wall will automatically revert to an older analog, becoming stones, arrows, crossbow bolts, etc. This effect is permanent short of a Limited Wish or Wish spell and thought to be one of the reasons that technology never advances on some worlds.

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