[New Deity] Knosh



The lights seemed to grow dimmer in the inn’s common room as the cloaked and hooded stranger sat. Many of the peasants and farmer clutched their shabby cloaks a bit tighter around themselves, as if a chill suddenly invaded the room and clutched at their throats. The innkeeper brought a bottle of wine and a plate of bread and cheese to the stranger who nodded.

I bring strange tidings from faraway lands, from the gods themselves!” the man announced in a voice that got everyone’s attention and killed all other conversations.

Challenging times are ahead!” the strange continued. “Sages in Nalaj say that the Land of Shadow is merging with our world and that strange days are coming! A mighty war rages in the Shadow Realm and it threatens to spill over into this world of ours!”

How do you know of this?” one of the crowd asked, suspicious of this odd agitator.

The man suddenly stood and cast off his hood.

I am the Revealer, the Herald of the Gods!” replied the stranger. Many of the peasants gasped loudly.

Is that good enough for you?” Koram asked Chalk.

Well, I suppose. But I had to ask!” answered the wizard.



Knosh, The Herald of the Gods, the Revealer
Alignment: Neutral (but can represent deities of any alignment)
Spheres of Influence: Heralds, Musicians, Orators, Agitators

Symbol: A blasting trumpet
Typical Worshipers: Public speakers, heralds, peasants

Hit Points (if you need them): 90

Knosh is a straightforward demigod, he appears as a tall man in mysterious clothing, usually leather armor with a tabard that bears symbols of the particular pantheon that he is announcing, sometimes cloaked and hooded, his identity a secret. Knosh also bears news at times of forthcoming dooms and calamities not associated with the gods directly. The Herald of the Gods enjoys being the Revealer when some deity has worked secretly among a community for some time.

Little is known about Knosh other than the fact that this demigod enjoys a good ale or wine with bread and cheese, which is sometimes left on the front step of some houses by those looking for inside information on visiting deities or the news of other upcoming major events.

Abilities: Knosh can cast any six level 1-7 Magic-User or Illusionist spells up to two times per day as a 10th level illusionist or wizard respectively, specializing with spells that are flashy, daze, overwhelm or in some other way impress. The Revealer fights as a 10th level Fighter, usually carrying two +2 longswords into fights, one of which is a Dancing Sword that Knosh usually releases immediately to fight for him whenever this demigod is in a scuffle.


Awe: Knosh radiates awe as the Herald of the Gods, all who would strike this demigod in combat are -2 to do so.


Honor Guard: Knosh usually works alone, but has the backing of any pantheon that he is working for and these gods sometimes send 1d8+2 fighters of at least 6th level to protect the Revealer as he delivers his message.


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