[New Magic Item] Mask of the Fox

Mask of the Fox

You donated all of our gold to who?” Chalk shouted the question to Valance.

This guy wearing a fox mask,” replied the priest of the Spider God with a shrug.

It never crossed your mind to hand over your most poisonous spiders, did it?” the wizard asked the cleric.

I still have my marked cards and loaded dice!” Valance snapped. “I can make our money back!”

Chalk grumbled.

Koram entered the room of the inn quietly.

Hey, did you two see that guy wearing the fox mask? He tried to get me to hand him my Crystal Sword and my head felt odd for a moment, but I told him no and he frowned and wandered off,” the fighter said.

Chalk drew his dagger.

Where is he? He has our gold!” the wizard roared.

Especially appreciated by thieves and con artists, the Mask of the Fox is a magic item thought to have been created by a gnome wizard some time ago that fell in with a gang of bandits. This magic item is quite rare and highly sought after by the type of person that doesn’t mind using the previous as a catcher of blades (or arrows). This magical mask looks like an intricate and highly stylized fox mask made of several kinds of leather.

Benefit: The Mask of the Fox gives the wearer several minor magical abilities. Wearing this mask allows one to move silently at will and to be able to Pass Without Trace as per the spell for up to one hour per day. Twice per day the wearer of this arcane mask can cast Hypnotism as a 4th level illusionist (duration:5 rounds, affects 1d8 targets, range 40′, subjects of the spell are -1 on saving throw to resist the suggestion, as per the magic-user spell of the same name ).

Usable by: Anyone.


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