[New Spell] Elemental Bindery

Elemental Bindery

A wizard strolled into the Drunken Dragon Inn and found a seat in a dim corner. 
Derber the Dusty, strolling about in daylight!” Koram exclaimed loudly. The wizard half-smiled and waved nonchalantly at the fighter an his companions.
A trio of ruffians entered the inn a few moments later and sat with Derber. The conversation became heated.
Should we help him?” Koram asked the others.
Chalk threw down his cards, Valance balked, the Scholar of Wexos ordered another beer.
Nah, just wait a moment,” Chalk finally replied. “He can take care of himself.”
One of the thugs suddenly screamed as something bit his leg. Dust rolled out from under the table. Derber began casting a spell before the other two could react. Another ruffian howled as he too was attacked. Clouds of dust spread about the room as the brutes ran for the door. Something small and dusty crawled into the chair beside Derber.
Dust elemental,” Chalk explained to Koram. “Just a little one, but it gets the job done.”

Elemental Bindery (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One week per level of wizard.

When Elemental Bindery is cast this spell binds a very minor elemental creature of the desired type to the magic-user or to someone else. This creature has 2HD (+1 hp per level of conjuring mage), moves at a rate of 120′(40′), has a Morale of 10, all attackers are -1 to hit this creature do to its elemental nature (winds swirling distracting leaves, clouds of ash, dust or shadow that obscure one’s vision, etc) and one attack that deals 1d6 points of damage. This attack is elemental in nature and often leaves a mark of some type (such as a minor fire elemental leaving a scorch mark on another wizard’s robes or a water elemental soaking a spellbook, etc). This least elemental will obey the commands of the one it is bound to and acts as a familiar in this respect. If reduced to 0 hit points this creature will return to its home plane. It is possible for an individual to be granted more than one of these elementals at a time, this is known as being Elemental Shod. On the rare case that these semi-intelligent creatures wish to remain with the one that they are bound to the least elemental may elect to stay with their master, making the duration permanent.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Elemental Bindery

  1. wilmanric says:

    Bat, is that 2HD (+ 1 “hit point” per level of the conjuring mage)? Cool spell.

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