[New Spell] Reverse Curse

Reverse Curse

Chalk raised an eyebrow as the dogs bayed mournfully at their approach.
Again? This is happening way too often,” the wizard said looking at the others.
I sure it will pass soon,” muttered Valance dubiously.
What have you done now?” Knat the druidess asked the priest of the Spider God.
Just a minor curse on that sniveling duke, that slippery court wizard of his must have had a counter spell to throw the curse back at me!” Valance exclaimed.
We'd better get out of here before this howling dogs give us away to the constables!” suggested Koram as he hurried his horse along.

Reverse Curse (Divine/Arcane)

Level Cleric 4, Magic-User 5

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell is an advanced form of Remove Curse that not only relieves the victim of the ill intentioned magic but also returns the curse back to afflict its sender. This spell only works for those cursed by another spellcaster and not a magic item or deity. The reversed curse is sent back to its sender who is -2 on a saving throw to resist their own magic. To remove a rebounded curse will take three consecutive days of having Remove Curse cast upon oneself by the afflicted or another spellcaster with the spell.

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