[New Spell] Long Course Curse

Long Course Curse

I don't remember this trip taking so long before,” Chalk said aloud. “Does it usually take a week to get to Knock from Bottle?”
Not that I recall, with only a few monsters and good weather I think it is three day journey,” offered Koram.
It's like the land has been stretched,” lamented Valance. “This is excruciating!”
I just hope the supplies last, we only prepared for a three day journey,” Nysser the elf pointed out.

Long Course Curse (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Special, see below

Duration: Slows an expedition by 1d4 days+ 1 day per level of druid

A druid that knows of a particular journey being started or that has already begun may cast this spell if he or she knows the name of at least one of the travelers. The subject of the spell receives a saving throw versus magic at -1 for the entire expedition, failing that, the target of the spell and any accompanying travelers will find that somehow their journey is taking longer than it should, the distance seems oddly stretched, even when looking at a map. Those traveling by sea may take longer to notice that the their journey has been extended. In any case, the resources that have been brought along might be stretched thin during these extra days of travel. Only one of these curses may be cast upon a group of travelers at a time. Reversible?

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Long Course Curse

  1. trey says:

    Ha! I like that last bit. Good spell all around.

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