[New Magic Item] Eye-gloves of Malchy

Eye-Gloves of Malchy

What are they doing?” Stork hissed at the sorceress who had both of her hands pressed against the wooden wall and her eyes closed.

They are…eating a hearty meal, apparently,” the female wizard whispered back.

Not conspiring or plotting?” Stork inquired.

These gloves allow me to see into other areas, not listen,” the sorceress replied with a smile.

Stork snorted and threw a small bag of gold coins onto the table next to the sorceress and motioned for her to leave.

With an indignant scowl the female mage scooped up the bag and stomped out of the room and slammed the door.




What was that?!” Koram asked as the adventurers all heard the door slam in the next room.

Oh probably just Stork or one of his oddball companions irritated about something,” replied Valance. “I’ll send a spider over to investigate.”

This long, rustic leather gloves both bear a stylized eye symbol on the palm of the hand. Thought of as strange decoration by most, those who wear these gloves often see the secrets that others wish to hide.

Benefit: Those wearing the Eye-Gloves of Malchy can use either glove (or both) to see through non-magical barriers up to two feet thick. All one needs to do is press the palm of one of these gloves against a surface and wait one round for the magic to initiate. There is no head to turn so the view is as if a person were staring straight ahead into the desired area.

Usable by: Magic-user and illusionists.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Eye-gloves of Malchy

  1. Timeshadows says:

    I like the power level of this item. Nifty and useful without being too powerful.
    –I like the door slam warning.

    • bat says:

      Thanks a bunch, Kyrinn. I am trying to work in some lower level-higher utility magic items, a little less gonzo, a bit more useful.

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