[New Magic Item] Helm of Water

Helm of Water

Koram sat by the fire, his newest acquisition, a helmet, sat in a small fire upside down, filled with a strange concoction.

What is that?” Valance asked the fighter.

I am making soup, want to try some?” answered Koram.

Yeah, maybe not, the thought of eating something out of a helmet you wore all week is not really that appealing,” replied the priest of the Spider God.

No, it is quite clean, I promise, the helmet is magical and conjures the water, somehow cleaning itself in the process,” said the fighter.

Valance gingerly accepted a spoonful of Koram’s soup and began to cough and sputter.

That’s awful!” shrieked the cleric.

I didn’t claim to be a good cook, I just said that the water was clean,” snapped Koram.

These plain looking helmets are a common sight among many mercenary units, traveling clerics and small armies. Each helmet bears a stylized symbol of water in some way; a wave, a droplet of water, a downpour, etc, usually etched on the front of the helmet.

Benefit: Any time the owner wishes a Helm of Water will fill itself within one round with potable clean, clear water. This water can be used for drinking, cooking, putting out small fires, etc.

Usable by: Clerics and Fighters.

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