[New Magic Item] Bottle of Infernal Flame

Bottle of Infernal Flame

The wizard Smudge retrieved a small jar from a pouch at his side. Straddling the two beams between buildings in the alley the sorcerer waited a few moments until he saw his target and dropped the jar. The sound of shattered glass was soon followed by screaming. Smudge snickered and crept off.

Valance looked over at Chalk a few days later.

How much longer is he going to be an imp?” the priest of the Spider God asked, nodding at the small creature crouching near the campfire.

At least a couple more days, I suppose. If Knat and the Scholar of Wexos can find the right herbs we might be able to shorten the time,” replied the wizard.

A couple more days!” squeaked the imp that was Koram. “I am going to kill the wizard that did this to me with my bare hands!”

Usually brought back by those who have traveled the darker paths deep into the Mythic Underworld and down into the realms of the Eleven Hells, the strange fires of the Underworld may be brought back in bottles and safely contained therein. As long as you don’t drop any of these bottles along the way out you should be fine.

Benefit: The unnatural flames of the Lower Planes are potent and strange. If contained in sealed bottles or jars these fires will remain dormant for ages, appearing as a strange roiling liquid within the glass. Upon breaking the glass, thanks to the random nature of Chaos, one of the following may happen if splashed upon a person or monster, if sloshed onto combustible material an odd green fire will ignite, burning slowly but hotly:


1 A person splashed by this strange liquid fire must roll a save versus magic or be transformed into an imp with 1HD+4 hit points for 1d6+2 days.

2 Anyone doused in this hellish fire must make a save versus spells at -2 or become immersed in a non-flammable greenish fire that flashes and flares for three days, causing no damage but drawing a lot of attention.

3 Those splashed with the infernal flame must make a save versus spells at -1 or lose 1d6 points of Strength and Constitution for 1d3 days, yet seem to attract a lot of animosity from others.

4 The Mythic Underworld calls to the one splattered by the strange green fire. Voices and shadows will hound the person, enticing them to explore the depths of the Mythic Underworld, unrelenting until he or she decides to take the plunge.

Usable by: Anyone.

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