[New Magic Item] Cloak of Smoke

Cloak of Smoke

Smudge groaned as the dagger hit bone. Snarling in pain and rage the wizard turned to stare into the eyes of his would-be assassin. The man only recognized something elvish and female in the strange figure that seemed to be wearing a hooded cloak made of dark oily smoke.

Who are you?” hissed the wizard.

Just someone taking care of business for Stork,” whispered the assassin before her second dagger plunged into the sorcerer’s chest.

Narl the henchman stood there shaking.

Did you see anything, peasant?” asked the assassin as she flicked steely dagger under the man’s chin.

N-n-nothing,” replied Narl.

Good boy,” breathed the elven assassin with a wink. “You get to live another day. Get the word out that Stork’s enemies have their days numbered.”

Y-y-yes! Immediately!” whimpered Narl.

Created by the trickster god Nivu-dreme-ot ages ago, Cloaks of Smoke are mysterious magic items that have been scattered around the world over the centuries. Highly prized by assassins, bandits, robbers and thieves, these magic items are sometimes fought over in elaborate ritualistic battles. Or found in strange dungeon treasure troves.

Benefit: When worn a Cloak of Smoke emanates a thick dark smoke that is odorless and obscures the wearer and his or her actions. All strikes by the one wearing this magic item are +1 to hit and all hits aimed at the wearer are -1 to hit. In addition, anyone trying to recognize a person wearing a Cloak of Smoke only has a 25% chance of making a positive identification (magical means notwithstanding). Two times per day a Cloak of Smoke can release a huge, obscuring cloud of dark smoke that the wearer can see perfectly in, but all others have their vision reduced to 1′ around them. This cloud is roughly 30′ wide by 30′ long by 20′ high.

Usable by: Assassins and Thieves.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Cloak of Smoke

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Is my liking this item too apropos, bat?

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