[New Magic Item] Kite of the Four Winds

Kite of the Four Winds

Where’d that gnome go?” Chalk shouted. “He has the map that we need to get to the treasure!”

Suddenly a diminutive figure burst from the nearby shadows, running away from the adventurers and bearing a garish kite.

There!” Koram yelled, pointing at the gnome as it snickered and dashed deeper into the ruins towards the abandoned courtyard.

The gnome thief tossed the kite into the air as he ran and suddenly lifted up into the air, rising above the ancient stone walls of the citadel.

Nysser stopped and released a couple of arrows at lightning speed. One of the arrows nicked the gnome’s leg just before the kite and its rider flew out of sight.

Valance threw his arms into the air.

Foiled by a gnome!” lamented the priest of the Spider God as the others began to sulk.

This unassuming magic item appears to be a large, well made kite with a ball of fine silky twine attached. These magical kites are said to be quite common in some places, especially island realms where they are used by scouts to fly out over the sea or plains. While combat isn’t easy when using one of these kites it can be used for a fast getaway.

Benefit: Anytime a Kite of the Four Winds is thrown into the air it will magically “catch” a breeze, even if none seem to exist and lift up off of the ground, the rider of the kite being able to rise quickly and fly in most any direction desired for up to six turns. The magical silken strings of these kites will make the wielder of the magic item weightless to the kite and it may be used to fly up to a speed of 180′, although combat is quite precarious; all strikes at others while trying to fly a Kite of the Four Winds are -2 to hit. The magical thread is severed if it takes 6 hit points of damage and the kite itself will plummet to the ground if it takes 12 hit points of damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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