[New Spell] Nok’s Silent Shadowy Thieves

Nok’s Silent Shadowy Thieves

Chalk, who was on watch at the time, did not see the shadowy creatures that oozed in through the barely opened window. A trio of small shade-like crocodilian bipeds began to slink about the room, only when Valance stirred (probably after being alarmed by a spider) did Chalk notice the odd little monsters.

With a whisper the wizard caused the room to light up brightly, exposing the three shadowy monsters which squeaked and ran for the window. While one of the creatures escaped, the other two melted away, leaving a small pile of coins and jewelry behind.

Nok’s Silent Shadowy Thieves (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 30′ + 5′ per level

Duration: Until destroyed or dispelled.

This unusual spell, accredited to the creepy illusionist Nok, allows an illusionist to conjure 1d4+2 small creatures of shadow that appear as 1-2 foot tall spindly, hunched bipedal crocodiles made of shadow-stuff. These odd creatures are not much in combat (3HP each, AC6, Move 180′ (80′), 1 Attack (1d4 claw or bite) and Morale 8) but these shady fiends can pick pockets as a 7th level thief with a Dexterity of 18 (63% chance of success ignoring any penalties for a target of higher level), can Move Silently 83% and can hide in the dark with 90% accuracy. Any light producing spell will destroy these little monsters immediately on a roll of 2-6 on 1d6. If these creatures are destroyed they drop anything that they were carrying.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Nok’s Silent Shadowy Thieves

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Super nice treatment, bat.

    The automatic dispelling is especially nice.

    • bat says:

      Thanks a million, Kyrinn! This was inspired by sitting outside last night and seeing an odd leaf pattern’s shadow on an old brick wall. It looked as if some little creature was about to lurch out of the shadows and pick my pockets!

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