[New Spell] What the Dead Don’t See

What the Dead Don’t See

How are we going to get that door opened with all of those undead lurching around?” lamented Chalk as he pointed at several wights that were creeping around the release to the heavy door.

It’s a trap!” hissed Koram. “We aren’t getting out of here this way!”

Valance snapped his fingers and began walking towards the undead. Casually the priest of the Spider God strolled through the undead creatures and flipped the release, the heavy wooden door began to creak open as the undead began to stir. A ghastly ogre snarled as it crouched through the newly opened doorway. Valance’s look of confidence vanished as the huge brute looked at him with a vicious smile on its face.

Nysser let an arrow fly at the ogre and all of the wights suddenly turned to regard the rest of the adventuring party.

Koram drew his Crystal Sword.

What the Dead Don’t See (Divine)

Level 3

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One turn per level of cleric.

A spell granted to those who oppose the undead, What the Dead Don’t See makes the casting cleric or one subject that he touches to become completely invisible to the undead for the duration of the spell. Undead creatures with less than 4HD do not receive a saving throw and are automatically affected by this spell. The undead with more than 4HD receive a saving throw versus spells at -1 to be able to see the cleric or one that the priest or priestess has temporarily enchanted. Those affected undead cannot see, hear or smell the subject of this spell, but the non-living can feel them if they are bumped into.

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6 Responses to [New Spell] What the Dead Don’t See

  1. tsojcanth says:

    There is already an “invisibility to undead” for AD&D which is level 1 i think… I’m on a tiny island and don’t have the handbook with me tho!

    Did you design this spell around it? 🙂

  2. bat says:

    I actually go by the LL/AEC and I did not see this spell in the cleric spell list, and it is not in my 1E PHB. I never played 2E, is that what you might be thinking of?

  3. tsojcanth says:

    Yep. It’s in the 2nd edition PHB, but not in Osric.

  4. bat says:

    I had switched to Palladium Fantasy and RIFTS when 2e came out. I am not surprised that spells and ideas overlap from time to time. I just sat and thought what spell I didn’t see for clerics that would make sense. No doubt others have done the same.

  5. trey says:

    Well, it’s a good and useful spell whether somebody else had the same idea earlier or not. 🙂

  6. bat says:

    Considering some of the things that have inspired posts, it is hard to find a correlation in a game anywhere (especially monsters inspired by such things as a muddy stain on a stair step or a strange shadow casts by leaves outside) so this one I will chalk up to a “gmta” moment as it is a logical spell for cleric to have. It made sense to someone else and to me. I have found the spell in question and it is similar.

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