[New Magic Item] Whisper Darts

Whisper Darts

The small wooden wasp stung Chalk on the arm.

Ow!” shouted the wizard as he swatted the thing, destroying it. “Now I probably have a sliver!”

Valance dodged a similar insect made of wood.

What magic is this?” asked the priest of the Spider God.

Jealous that you don’t get wooden spiders?” asked the Scholar of Wexos as the illusionist removed a splinter from his arm.

Maybe just a little,” confessed Valance as he continued avoiding the small magical insect sent after him.

Throughout the land at various roadside shrines to the obscure deity Norvu-clak one will see a statue of a fierce looking stone dog with its mouth agape. Anyone uttering a small prayer to Norvu-clak, tossing a couple of coins at the statue’s feet or just acknowledging the deity with a nod will receive a few small trinkets of the god’s affection in the form of a half dozen small wooden wasps.

Benefit: Those who receive Whisper Darts (and one may only receive this gift once per week) will be able to whisper a name to the small wooden wasp and the thing will zoom from the bearer’s hand to the intended target who must roll under their Dexterity (with a +1 modifier) to avoid being stung by the strange magical insect. A Whisper Dart deals 1d4+2 points of damage and several may be used at once (up to the six granted by Norvu-clak), each attack leaving an annoying sliver in the wound. The target must be on the same plane as the bearer of the Whisper Dart and the sender of these devious little wooden wasps can say a generic word, such as “goblin” or “kobold” and the wooden wasps will fly towards the nearest target(s). One point of damage will destroy a Whisper Dart.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a dart as a weapon.

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