[New Magic Item] Screaming Standard of Withren

Screaming Standard of Withren

Stork stood tall against the oncoming goblin horde, a strange standard in his hands. Vistis the Blue Mage was preparing a spell, just in case.

The sorcerer thudded the standard against the stone floor, which produced a horrendous cacophony and the goblins slowed immediately, many of the small terrors twisting and warping as they ran, now screaming in horror and crawling away. Vistis lobbed a nasty spell at those unaffected by the magical standard that caused them to become wobbling in the legs and full of fear as if they had seen hideous monsters advancing upon them.

That takes care of that. Now to see what these little devils are hording that is so interesting to the king of Lotri. Hopefully we can get it before his knights do,” Stork said with a sneer.

A strange standard once held by the marauding hordes of the land known as Withren, this magic item has caused all sorts of mayhem and won many battles before the conflicts ever really started. Across the dark crimson surface of the standard several mouths creep and slither, waiting to unleash their infernal power on an enemy of the standard bearer.

Benefit: Twice per day the Screaming Standard of Withren can be used. The sinister mouths of the banner scream and howl at those within 60′ of the standard, except for the bearer and his or her companions. All those affected must make a save versus spells at -2 or become hideously warped and mutated for 1d4+6 days (this lowers Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma by four points each and halves movement). A Remove Curse spell will return the mutated to their original form before the spell’s duration expires.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Screaming Standard of Withren

  1. trey says:

    Cool. I like the alliteration, too. 😉

  2. bat says:

    Thanks a ton, Trey! Every so often the plan comes together. 🙂

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