[New Spell] Touch of Winter

Touch of Winter

Two ogres incoming!” shouted Koram over his shoulder to Knat the druidess.

Knat concentrated for a moment then cast a spell at one of the ogres. The beastly humanoid growled and began moving slower than its companion, which Koram leaped at, Crystal Sword drawn and at the ready. Knat cast another spell that brought a bolt of lightning down on the slower ogre.

With a guttural growl the slower ogre called off the fight and both monsters limped off into the thick trees.

Think they’ll be back?” Koram asked, catching his breath.

Only if they find an army, they looked pretty shaken,” the druidess replied.

Touch of Winter (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 30′ + 5′ per level

Duration: Two rounds.

Touch of Winter sends frighteningly cold winds towards one subject, indicated by the caster. If the target fails a saving throw versus spells their movement is halved for two rounds and their first attack is -1 to hit. This spell is sometimes used to slow one opponent down to deal with another, at other times to get a couple of good spells in on the target before going toe to toe with them.

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