[New Magic Item] Rooting Javelin

Rooting Javelin

Valance winced in pain as the javelin nicked his arm. Then the priest of the Spider God realized that he could not walk, he was rooted to the spot, held fast as if by unseen hands.

The elf looked disdainfully upon his prey and drew a wicked looking sword, Valance shrugged and uttered a quick prayer to his deity, moments later dozens of spiders scuttled towards the elf who immediately began a hasty retreat.

Koram, retrieve that javelin and throw it at the elf, my spiders are hungry!” snarled Valance.

The elf ran off before Koram picked the magical weapon up.

At least you have an interesting new toy,” the priest of the Spider God said as the magical bond eased and released him from its grip.

These odd javelins are almost indistinguishable from other wooden weapons of their nature other than a thin core of copper that is barely noticeable. Alchemical mischief is often thought to be at the root of their creation, questionable salesmen at their distribution. Even a small band of fighters equipped with these can cause a lot of chaos, even when faces a larger force.

Benefit: On a successful hit these javelins root the one struck to the spot for 1d4+1 rounds in addition to dealing 1d6+1 points of damage. Those so rooted may not move forward but may still cast spells, perform ranged attacks, direct others, etc. These javelins have a short range (+1) to 30′, a medium range (+0) to 50′, and a long range (-1) up to 70′.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a javelin.

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