[New Magic Item] Elixir of Amnesia

Elixir of Amnesia

Brinki the gnome, seemingly into his cups at the Odd Badger Inn, stumbled into the table of a human and an elf in a heated debate. After apologizing profusely the gnome teetered off into the crowd. After growling back and forth for a few minutes the man and elf both drank from their mugs.

Chalk sauntered into the room with Koram, Knat and Valance, a wry smile on the wizard’s face as he casually hooked his foot around the leg of a chair and drew it towards him to sit at the table that Brinki had “accidentally” bumped into just minutes before.

Anyone here named Stork or Falwin?” Chalk asked.

The pair stared blankly around. Chalk retrieved a small pouch of coins from his tunic and tossed it at Koram.

You might hand this to the innkeeper and then keep an eye out for Stork’s buddy Vistis, this won’t be pretty,” the wizard said to the fighter.

Chalk, Knat and Valance began casting spells. The Scholar of Wexos was keeping watch outside with Nysser.

An extremely strong potion created by unknown alchemists and distributed in magic shops and among shady characters worldwide, an Elixir of Amnesia is a flavorless concoction that is easily mixed into most any drink. Sometimes given to town guards so that they forget what they are doing and sometimes quaffed voluntarily before questioning about dubious activities, this alchemical creation demands a high price for even a single dose in many markets (a single dose commanding up to three gold pieces in some places).

Benefit: Anyone drinking an Elixir of Amnesia will need to make a saving throw versus poison at -1 or become amnesiac for 1d4 turns. Those under the effects of this strong potion will not remember anything asked of them, who they are, where they are, etc. When the effect wears off all memories return as normal.

Usable by: Anyone.

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