[New Spell] Hands of Death

Hands of Death

Koram casually stabbed another crawling hand as he drank his ale. The hand twitched a few times then went limp.

This is getting old. How many of these things are there?” the fighter asked.

I once heard that the Necromancer of Banso-Vij sent an army of these after a foe of his,” replied Chalk.

Two more creeping, withered hands appeared in the ramshackle inn. The locals were starting to whisper among themselves.

Valance cajoled a few spiders from his sleeve.

Two can play at that game!” said the priest of the Spider God.

The innkeeper, having seen enough between the crawling hands and strange arachnids, decided to ask Chalk and his companions to leave.

But it’s raining!” protested the wizard.

And you and your friends are scaring off my customers!” snapped the innkeeper.


Hands of Death (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 20′

Duration: Permanent until destroyed.

This grisly necromancer’s spell allows the wizard to animate up to three severed hands (with or without forearms) plus one extra hand per level. These fiendish clawing hands move slowly (10’/3′) and have an AC of 8 with 4 hit points, one attack that does 1-4 hit points of damage and a Morale of 6, save as a 2nd level Fighter, however these tiny undead are immune to Charm and similar mind-affecting spells and can get into small openings to do what is instructed of them (such as opening a locked door for the wizard). In addition these crawling hands can climb up sheer surfaces as a spider.

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