[New Deity] Labaki, the Wrath of the Wild



Chalk motioned for the others to stand back while he slowly approached the dark figure that sat upon the wooden throne.

Yes?” growled the hulking mass of muscle and bristling black fur. Four deep red eyes glared at the wizard.

I only ask of you, oh wise Labaki, to tell me, if it is your will, the location of the Lost Treasure of Saint Drebos,” Chalk replied.

The hideous boar-like creature regarded the human sorcerer for a few moments, then snorted with a hint of dark amusement.

Far to the north, by the Forest of Whispering Trees lies a small waterfall. Look behind that waterfall to see what treasure Saint Drebos has left behind,” answered the frightful being.

Chalk bowed and slowly retreated, scurrying out of the god’s dark cave.

You are sweating up a storm there!” laughed Koram.

You would be too if you had just faced a strange god upon its throne!” Chalk said.


Lesser Deity

Labaki, The Wrath of the Wild
Alignment: Neutral (Chaotic tendencies)
Spheres of Influence: Storms, natural disasters and calamities.

Symbol: A four-eyed boar’s head.
Typical Worshipers: Evil druids and vile humanoids.

Hit Points (if you need them): 160

Labaki is a wild, insane deity, a creature of the elements and the wild, horrific in appearance and ruthless and relentless in thought and deed. This lesser god appears as a seven foot tall jet black wereboar in half human-half boar shape with four piercing red glowing eyes.

The Wrath of the Wild rarely speaks, but holds the knowledge of many strange comings and goings in the wilderness and may divulge the location of hidden treasure if properly and respectfully approached. While wild and irrational, Labaki is no fool and hates to be treated as such.


Abilities: Labaki can cast any seven Druid or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as an 11th level druid or wizard respectively, with an emphasis on spells that cause elemental destruction of some type. In addition, Labaki can reveal to an individual the location of a hidden treasure out in wilderness areas if properly invoked. Labaki fights as a 12th  level Fighter, usually with a club that deals 1d12 damage and can cast a 2d8 lightning bolt up to 60′ twice per day.


Awe: This deity gets pretty intense when raging, all who oppose Labaki are -2 to strike.


Honor Guard: The Wrath of the Wild often has 1d6 4HD wereboars in attendance.

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