[New Monster] Nalunia



Dread filled the dwarf as he stared into the darkness of the forest. Eerie sounds surrounded the camp of the adventurers and it often seemed that the shadows were swirling or swaying on their own. The twang of several bowstrings could be heard and the dwarf jumped and turned to wake the others. The gnome and elf were not impressed by the dwarf’s sudden reluctance to press on into the forest.

Something’s out there!” hissed the dwarf. “Making noises and creeping around our camp, but I cannot see it in the darkness!”

The sound of swords being drawn could be heard and the elf jumped and raced for his own sword. Then silence reigned for several tense moments. A strange cackling howl unnerved the gnome.

These sounds are all being made by one thing. The Dread Guardians,” the gnome whispered to the others. “They spoke of these when I was young, but I thought it was just tales by the fire. Creatures that are hard to see in the darkness, clever and quick. They are toying with us now, like a ct would toy with a mouse.”

Gold or no gold, I say we turn back and leave the treasure of the lost temple in the forest, at least until we have more among our numbers,” the dwarf suggested.

Within moments the elf and gnome agreed and the trio threw more wood onto the fire and tried not to pay attention to the sounds that disturb the peace of darkness.


No. Enc.: 1d6 (2d6+4)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 150′ (50′)

Armor Class: 8

Hit Dice: 2+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (claw) or 1d4 (bite)

Save: F4

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: VI, XX

X.P.: 75

Nalunia are strange humanoids that haunt deep woods and jungles. Although seemingly primitive, these creatures are quite intelligent and cunning, often luring their prey into elaborate traps. While considering themselves guardians and protectors of nature these weird humanoids are often considered a menace by those looking to expand civilization into the wilds. Nalunia often have long, shaggy hair, piercing red eyes, sharp talons and are lean and well-muscled. These creatures do not wear armor or use weapons besides their claws and fangs and do not communicate verbally with non-Nalunia.

These monsters are fast moving, have infravision to 200′, can use their sharp claws to scale walls (95% chance of success), are almost undetectable in the darkness due to their darker skin tones and the fact that these alien creatures are cold-blooded (75% chance to hide in shadows, even while moving) and probably worst of all, the Nalunia can mimic any sound that they hear, from voices to weapons being unsheathed to drums in the depths of the forest or jungle. The Nalunia often use this latter ability to confuse and intimidate their prey.

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