[New Magic Item] Infernal Staff of Harkina-Vil

Infernal Staff of Harkina-Vil

I despise fiends, especially erinyes!” Knat the druidess screamed as she cast a spell at the flying female devils. One of the creatures shrieked and flailed, plummeting to the ground like a stone.

That’s one down!” Chalk exclaimed as he cast a spell of his own that wrapped another of the she-devils in a slimy coating. As the second erinyes struck the ground Koram raced forward to strike the thing with his Crystal Sword.

The Scholar of Wexos threw a dagger at one of the erinyes as it swooped in for the kill. The dagger hit home, yet the undeterred fiend pounced on the illusionist, only to be attacked herself by a mass of large and fiendish looking spiders.

A keening whistle could be heard and the remaining devils flew off into the impending darkness.

Will they return?” Knat asked the others.

Most certainly, and probably with other foul creatures with them next time,” Chalk guessed. “We will be prepared next time and put up even more of a fight!”

Reportedly granted to the necromancer Harkina-Vil by the foul deity Lozag, the Infernal Staff is a dreadful magic item that allows its wielder greater power over fiends and the undead. Rumors persist that Lozag created many of these staffs and that most were destroyed by the high elves of Chelnesoru ages ago during the War of the Broken King, yet more than one of these is known to exist. Many a foul wizard has held sway over a small town or village by using the Infernal Staff of Harkina-Vil.

Benefit: An Infernal Staff may be used to summon demons or devils and the undead under the control of a vile wizard. Twice per day the staff may be used to conjure 1d6 least/minor devils/demons or 1d4 lesser infernal creatures. These creatures have maximum hit dice and will obey their summoner for three hours. Each day one lesser demon or devil may elect to remain on the Material Plane with the wizard, but a devil will not stay if a demon has already chosen to and vice-versa. In addition, the staff my be used to summon 1d20 skeletons or 1d10 ghouls who will remain with the necromancer until dismissed or destroyed. In addition, infernal creatures and the undead are -2 to strike the wielder of the Infernal Staff of Harkina-Vil. Every creature, undead or infernal that is destroyed after being summoned by the Infernal Staff causes the summoner to lose one point of Constitution temporarily (will return in 1d3 days). A wizard who reaches zero Constitution in this way dies and its shade becomes a thrall to Lozag.

Usable by: Magic-users of the Chaotic variety.

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