[New Spell] Blister and Boil

Blister and Boil

Vistis the Blue Mage urged Stork to hurry as the giant lizards approached them hungrily. Stork winced with each step, if his feet were as covered with blisters and boils as his face and hands it was no wonder why he was in agony.

I am moving as fast as I can!” hissed the sorcerer as he hobbled as if in great pain. Stork turned and cast a spell that froze the blood of the huge reptiles momentarily, slowing them down.

Vistis drew his magical dagger and sliced the air before the lizards just as Stork struggled by. The dagger cut a small rend tin the Material Plane that caused the lizards to fall into another place. Stork sat down and began rubbing his aching feet.

How long until that spell wears off?” Vistis asked.

Not soon enough!” replied a wincing Stork. “And then I am going after that miserable little goblin wizard that cast it upon me!”

Blister and Boil (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 60′ + 5′ per level of caster

Duration: Two turns per level of wizard.

This foul bit of magic not only slows down its victim(s), as there may be one victim per level of magic-user, to half of their normal movement, but also gives all physical tasks performed by the afflicted a -3 modifier for the duration of the spell. Movement is slowed and attacks and other activities are hindered because the victims of this spell that fail a save versus spells at -1 find themselves covered in painful blisters and boils from head to toe. This can be used as an advantage by the quick-thinking as many intelligent creatures will choose not to attack something that looks visibly diseased, although unintelligent creatures have no such qualms. A Haste spell cast upon those affected by this spell will cause even greater agony, slowing movement to a numbing 10′ (3′) and giving all tasks, including combat, a -4 modifier. Nasty LLs/GMs will also half Charisma due to the hideous results of this spell.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Blister and Boil

  1. David says:

    Tell me more about this dagger…

    Also, yay for goblin wizards!

    • bat says:

      The dagger might spring up in time, who knows? And yes, i like throwing in class/monster combos because they aren’t all fighters!:)

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